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Journalism as a career


About journalism :

India is a wide home range of journalism courses at various level, viz. undergraduate (UG), postgraduate(PG), Diploma. Students across nation have immense opportunities to pursue a creative course option in the field of journalism . To pursuing a course in the discipline ill able to train themselves and add skills crucial to industry within a time span of 1-3 years at the undergraduate (UG) and 1-2 year at the postgraduate (PG) level .

There are different courses in the field of journalism that depending on the objectives of the programme and the university that is offering the program. Before choosing any course , you must have a ample of  knowledge and curriculum that is opted by the respective institutes . Depending on interest of the student in the field , student will be able to pursue an education in television , print and digital as well as online journalism. If the student made up their mind to get in which journalism  course  , a journalism courses is the path that student follow. Media has been an integral part of India be it through television or newspaper within good communication skills , Hindi or English or any other regional language of the country ,  there is lots of good scope in the journalism as a career.

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Types of journalism courses :




B.A. (Journalism)
B.A. (Hindi Journalism)
B.A. Hons (Journalism)
B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
B.A. (Journalism & Communication Studies)
B.A. (Mass Media)
B.A. (Script Writing)
BJMC (Advertising & Public Relations)
BJMC (Production & Direction)
B.Sc. (Mass Communication & Journalism)
B.Sc. (Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising)
Bachelors in Media Science







3 year






1 – 3 lakh

M.A. (Journalism)
M.A. (Photo Journalism)
M.A. (Convergent Journalism)
M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
M.A. (Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism)
M.A. (Broadcast Journalism)
M.Sc. (Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising)
MBA (Media &Communications)
MBA (Mass Media Management)






2 year





3 – 4 lakh

PG Diploma (Journalism and Mass Communication)
PG Diploma (Broadcast journalism)
PG Diploma (Defence Journalism)
PG Diploma (Print Journalism)
PG Diploma (Science & Technology Journalism)
PG Diploma (Print/ Multimedia Journalism)
PG Diploma (Business Journalism)
PG Diploma (New Media Journalism)





1 year






PhD (Journalism & Mass Communication)

3 year


Certificate course (Journalism & Creative Writing)
Certificate course (Science & Sports Journalism)


6 month – 1 year





Eligibility for journalism course :

Students who wants to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in journalism can apply to any of the courses after completing class 12th with any subject stream. A minimum of 50% marks is required to be eligible for the course. You may also need some extra essential skills like English communication, writing, and speaking skills.

Jobs and career in journalism :

For the students, who are pursuing a career in this field or want to pursue it in the future, there are tremendous career opportunities for you! The job profiles under journalism are very productive and for career options like reporting, you can get a fan following of your own and be acknowledged. Any job in this field is an honouring and respectful job. With a degree in journalism, you can have a wide range of career options to go to ranging from news channels, entertainment industry, agencies. We have listed below some of these job profiles with their work schedule, so can choose which career options suit you in the best way.

  • Reporter – A reporter is concerned with jobs like collecting and reporting of stories/ news and provide only the accurate information regarding any news. If you’re someone who gets easily swayed to one side, then reporting might not work for you, because as a reporter you are expected to not be influenced to any one side of the story. Also, there are interesting tasks of meeting people, holding interviews. With experience, one can become special reporters concerned with reporting of a specific type.


  • Feature Writer – Feature writers work over stories on specified topics. These topics do not involve the news. These are generally specific feature about a topic. As a Feature writer, one has to Present his/ her opinions on the topic of varying nature. If you got writing skills, attention to detail, investigation, research, patience, then you can be a good fit for a Feature Writer.


  • Editor and Sub-Editor – An Editor is concerned with the job of creating the final news, that reaches us all. Checking the facts, news and stories is the prime work of the editor. This job role requires one to have additional skills in communication and sheer knowledge of reporting. Thus, this position requires relevant work experience.

  • Social Media Specialist – A social media specialist is the one who works under an organization/ brand, to increase the reach of that particular brand. It requires communicating through various social media platforms and enhancing the reach of the products and services of the brand to as many people. If you’re someone who is pinned up to the social media and loves influencing the world, then you can be the best social media specialist for an organization.
  • Photo Journalist – A photojournalist is basically concerned with collecting information via photographs. If you love clicking pictures, a photojournalist is an apt career profile for you. A photojournalist click pictures which are authentic and relevant to the message it needs to present. It also involves editing photographs or videos for various publications or journals.

Salary in Journalism

The different profiles in the field of journalism offer impressive salaries. Any profile in journalism can offer you a salary of about INR 20,000 to INR 40,000 monthly but In the field of journalism, the only experience will get to pay you a handsome salary.

Freshers  ready to begin their career in journalism, need to undergo training to attain a good salary of about 2-3 lakh in a year. Also, any trainee under a big reputed firm can earn a monthly stipend of INR 12,000. After training/ Internship completion, the candidates can get a decent salary ranging anywhere from Rs. 17,000 per month to Rs. 20,000 per month depending upon the media firm.