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Career in hotel management after 12th


In Today’s time one of the biggest confusion our generation deals with is - what to do after 12th?

 Why not, there are lots of industries to choose from as well

Wanna know more details? Let’s clear all the doubts here….

Simply understand what is HM (hotel management)?

·         What is hotel management?

Hotel management is professional course. managing a hotel with the wide range of responsibilities. You should be able to face new challenges, to help the different departments and ensure the hotel maintain the standard of supremacy. The hotel manager have to guide the team and rest of the members follow it. As a manager you have to look after the staff members managing their work on time and departments efficiently.

Let’s talk about the first question on your mind is where can I get a job once I finish this degree. I have looked up all the career options all the job options and categorised them into few categories.

     1.   Large hotel chain.

This is typically at large group branded hotels like the taj group of hotel ITC group of hotel at Hilton marriott over always etc…

2.   Restaurants, resorts, clubs or fast food chains.


3.   Merchant navy and cruise ship.

In this where hospitality graduated from management typically get employed in this category.

4.   Flight kitchen and hospitals.

This is the another interesting area where you make your career in flight kitchen and hospitals in their catering and administrations.

5.   Railways, Armed Forces, Tourism Boards banks.

There’s always government department that you can apply for.


Let’s talks about the advantages and disadvantages…



·       You can pursue a career in hotel management irrespective of whichever subject you are pursuing right now in your 12th standard you could be doing arts, commerce, or science, this degree is open to you.

·       The second advantage is you could have a life long career and you can even work abroad.

·       The another advantage you gain when you train  well in this field  you can hop across segments so hospitality graduates are often recruited by other industries as well because primarily the skills you are gaining is all about customer service and interaction .

·       When you are having good interaction and customer service than the aviation, tourism, retailing, banking, insurance  and many other industries happily pick you up.



·       The disadvantages this degree offers for you is working hours can be quite long.

·       The second one is you may also be called upon to work on Sundays and weekends and the salary initially is not as high as you could expect but you could get to a level that you desire going forward.  

·       There’s also a lot of patience and perseverance that you could require to pursue this career.


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 TOP 5 skills hotel manager must have..

Let’s talk about the skills that are required for you to be successful  in this  field and the first and foremost  skill because primarily I said this this job is all about customer interaction with people business so the biggest skill that you required is communication  skills and having a pleasant personality you need to be people person with the service heart and the ability to network with a wide variety of people at various point of time a few other skills are like analytical skills and logical reasoning.

vGood communication

vPresenting skills


vLeadership quality

vAnalytical skills





Want to make a great career and get hotel management degree? let’s find out India’s top 6 hospitality schools listed below and get admission in it. scroll on for more details.

 Hotel management is the most trending course among the students who want to make career in evergreen hospitality industry. as the hospitality field are booming, there is a continuous need for skilled professionals in this sector.

Let’s look at some of the courses that are available to you in order for you to pursue this program the first and the most popular route that people choose to pursue a degree in hotel management is the undergraduate program this is typically a    three year bachelor’s program and it comes with variety of titles

§  Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]

§  B. A in Hotel Management

§  B. Sc in Hotel Management

§  BA [hons] in Hotel Management

§  BBA in Hotel Management

There’s fundamentally the same thing the catering your area of specialization combined with hotel management they are a bachelor’s program for three years and it really does not matter whether you pick one or the other one …


Listed in the below are the best top 7colleges in India according to the ranked.

 Colleges/institute for hotel management

·       Institute of hotel management

 [Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore]

·       Oberoi Centre For Learning and Development -New Delhi

·       International Institute of Management [IIHM Kolkata]

·       International Institute of Management [Hyderabad]

·       Institute of Hotel Management [Chennai]

·       Dr Ambedkar College of Management [Chandigarh]

·       Institute of Hotel and Catering Technology [Trivandrum]


Field in hotel management

1.  Front office executive

2.  House keeping

3.  Catering

4.  Public relation

5.  Marketing

6.  Accounting

7.   Food & beverages

8.   House keeping

9.   Computer Application


   11. Fire fight

   12. Security



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Eligibility criteria

Minimum qualification necessary for a hotel management course is 10+2. Depending on the cost and duration of the course, one can opt for a certificate, diploma or a degree course. certificate courses can be of six months to one year duration, a diploma for two years and a degree course of three year duration.




There are the entrance exam to apply in these courses NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND CATERING TECHNOLOGY [NCHMCT] conduct JEE a joint entrance exam all over India. you can apply this after 12th this exam is held in the month of April application forms most of the time open  around January so you need to be sure you fill them in and you are ready for the entrance exam in the month of April this exam includes

·      English

·      Logical reasoning

·      Analytical reasoning

·      Current affairs.

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