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Bachelors in Fashion Technology




Bachelor of Fashion Technology or BFTech is a design course that has an apt mix of creativity and technology. The duration of BFTech course is four years and each year is divided into two semesters. Also, as part of a BFTech course aspirants need to undergo a mandatory internship in order to understand the working of the industry.

As part of a BFTech course aspirants are taught how to conceptualise, design, manage and market fashion products. After completing a BFTech degree course aspirants can either opt to pursue a job in this field or undergo further studies in the field of Fashion. Some courses that aspirants can pursue after completing a BFTech course are Masters of Fashion Technology (MFTech),  in Fashion Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and the likes.



     BFTech Eligibilty Criteria 

Candidates meet the eligibility criteria to pursue a BFTech course if they have completed their Class 12 (in the 10+2 pattern of examination) from any recognised Central/ State Board of Secondary Examination with passing marks. Apart from this, colleges also specify that in order to pursue a BFTech course aspirants should have studied subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at their 10+2 level.

Further, candidates who have pursued three or four years diploma programme in any branch of  which is recognised by AICTE or a State Board of Technical Education are also eligible to apply for a BFTech course. 



    Required Skillset for BFTech

BFTech as a course requires aspirants to be creative and also possess the required technical skills. In order to pursue a course as well as make a future in the field of fashion technology candidates need to possess the below mentioned skill-set:

Creativity and artistic taste

Knowledge of equipment

Good planning skills

Good marketing skills

Good observation

Goal oriented

Good communication skills


Good at sketching

Visual imagination

Knowledge of market requirements

Eye for detail


BFTech Job Profiles & Recruiters

Since BFTech is combination of a fashion as well as technical course, thus, aspirants can opt to make a career in the Fashion industry or in the Fashion Technology field. Some job profiles that aspirants can pursue after completing a BFTech course are mentioned below:

Technical Artist: In this job profile one is responsible for deciding how a garment should be stitched and thereafter determine how the end product should be made. A Technical Artist or Designer is responsible for creating a technical package. Thus, a Technical Artist needs to mention sewing details, wash description, points of measurement (or POM), label/ hangtag placement as well as packaging instructions.

Fashion Merchandiser: In such a job profile one oversees the design as well as aesthetic quality of the store. Fashion Merchandisers perform tasks like working on the store layout, creating displays and stocking merchandise in such a way that it leads to promotion of sales. A Fashion Merchandiser ensures that the physical appearance of the store represents the company’s brand, creates a good customer experience and supports current marketplace trends.

Pattern Grader: In this job profile one works on a computer wherein he/ she lays out a pattern on a digitising table and tracks its outline with a scanning equipment or a light pen. Thereafter, a pattern grader plots measurements at key points and feeds it into the computer. By doing this Pattern Grader’s adjust the size and proportion of the pattern. After this the Pattern Grader does the necessary quality checks and makes sure that the pattern being produced matches with the original one.

Fashion Designer: In such a job profile one can either start their own label or join a firm to design clothes for them. A Fashion Designer works on designing different types of clothes such as jackets, jeans, women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, evening wear, knitwear, sportswear, and the likes.

Fashion Consultant: In such a job profile one helps their clients to develop a wardrobe that promotes their public image. People working in this profession advise others on the latest fashion trends, clothing styles, colours to wear/ avoid and how to do their make-up and hair.

Fabric Quality Control Manager: In such a job profile one is tasked with the job of determining, negotiating as well as agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards as well as specifications for the use and production of different fabrics.

Fashion Marketer: In this job profile candidates can work for clothing companies, boutiques or outlet chains. As a fashion marketer aspirants need to work towards publicising and increasing awareness of a particular brand, designer labels or department stores. So, basically if one chooses such a professional field then they are expected to plan, direct or coordinate marketing policies and programmes, such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors, and identify potential customers.

After completing a BFTech course aspirants can consider joining an Export House, Fashion House, Production Units, Textile Mill, Garment Manufacturing Unit, Leather Company and the likes.



Top Colleges of Bachelor in FashionTechnology (BFTech) in India

College Name


Average Placement Package

Amity School of Fashion Technology


INR 2,25,000

C.E.T. College of Management Science and Technology

Airapuram, Kerala

INR 2,00,000



INR 3,50,000



INR 3,00,000

       Why Study BFTech?

The field of fashion is a popular and highly lucrative field. Find here, some of the reasons, why one should take up a Bachelor in Fashion Technology.

The apparel manufacturing industry and the field of fashion is a highly lucrative field. India is a leading apparel and garment manufacturer, with large exports to the western world. As such, there are immense career opportunities in this field.

It is one field, which sees the fusion of technology with creativity. Therefore, those with a creative bent of mind and a love for science can very well take up this course.

Apart from the numerous jobs in this sector, there is also immense scope for entrepreneurship in this field. One can establish their own apparel manufacturing unit or get into consultancy in the field.

The program not only trains you on the technical aspects of production but also on aspects such as management and quality control that are of immense value in the long run.

Through this course, one also gets to learn about the various applications of artificial intelligence and the latest in information technology that are incorporated with the manufacturing processes.

The course curriculum is highly practical oriented and makes the students industry ready on completion of the course.

The starting incomes and earnings in the field are quite high ranging from INR 2,00,000 to INR 4,50,000. With gain in experience, there is a steep rise in salaries.


   How to Apply for BFTech?

For admission to any of the NIFT branches in India, the candidates will have to first apply for the NIFT Entrance Exam. The registrations for the test are opened by the last week of October.

·         The applications for the test are to be submitted online by visiting the NIFT official website.

·         While submitting the online form, the candidates will have to pay the necessary application fees through any of the online payment channels like credit card, debit card or net banking.

·         Others, not having any online means to pay the fees, may choose to pay by demand draft. In such cases, a printout of the online application form is to be sent to the admission office along with the demand draft.

·         The entrance exam is held at various centres across the country and the candidates may appear for the test as per the choice given by them during application.